2017 – My Lifetime Teacher


How are you all doing? I hope everyone are set for holiday month. December is always my favourite month. I know it is favorite for most of you too.

     The Joy of cherishing the lovely moments and achievements of the year, the eyes that tear up to say goodbye to painful pasts, feeling of missing people who were part of our lives in this year but who won’t be and can’t be part of our lives in the coming year, hope that everything is going to be fine from new year, the feeling of heartily welcoming the year to come with open arms; all these feelings come rushing in December.

     You all have always listened to my travel stories but today I want to tell you all how simple decisions of this year changed me right from the very first day of the year. 

     On New Year Eve When someone asked me ‘What is your resolution for new year’, out of nowhere I found myself telling ‘I just want to be Happy’ and I was surprised at myself because it did not mean that I was not happy then. 

      Then again on New Year Day, I started thinking why did I say that. After thinking for a while I understood that I had been happy in the previous years too but I was just not ready to accept it. In other words I was not satisfied with what I had. The very next moment I decided that this is not going to happen in 2017. So I took a pen and a paper and started making points on what have I learnt from the mistakes that I have done in my past and what I have learnt by observing people around me. Take a look.

  • Be happy and satisfied with what you have. There are so many people out there who dreams of having your life.
  • Take every chance that life offers you because certain things happen only once.
  • Stop pretending like you know everything. Its okay to say you don’t know about the things you really do not know because nobody is born genius and you do not know because it is simply not your interest. You know so many other things which is of your interest that other people may not know.
  • Everyone has different opinions. Respect those opinions.
  • Do not let others say ‘You are not capable of doing it’. You should be the one who decides it.
  • Whatever happens in life, happens for good. Be it people walking away from you or you walking away from people.
  • If someone is treating you the way you are not supposed to be treated, no matter how much you love them, you should still walk away from them.
  • Do not say ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’ and do not say ‘no’ when you want to say ‘yes’ , because the regret of this is for lifetime.
  • Its okay to forgive people who have hurt you. It doesn’t mean that you should be stupid enough to give them another chance to hurt you. It is for your peace of mind.
  • No matter how bad your mood is, greet people with smile because you never know what miracle just a smile can do to enlighten other’s mood.
  • If someone is offending/commenting on other’s physical appearance, be it the color of the skin or the weight of a person, then give no place to them in your life because it is a clear sign of immaturity. You deserve people in your life who are matured enough to see the beauty that lives within instead of physical beauty.
  • Life is Beautiful. Don’t just listen this when someone else say. See it by yourself.
  • Do not let your problems rule you. You take charge of them.
  • Be sincere in whatever you do. Be it at work or the responsibilities that has been given to you or be it in a relationship because it might be just time pass for you but the other person has complete trust on you.
  • Be honest because you have to be true to yourself if not for others.
  • Tell people that you love them because everyone deserves to know that they are loved. 
  • Never underestimate anyone because everyone is talented in one or the other way.
  • Never take anyone for granted because you never know what can happen in a blink an eye.
  • Spend time with people who means to you because you never know what tomorrow holds for you.
  • Stop playing mind games because we are all adults now.
  • Bitching doesn’t make you look any cool.
  • Stop doing fake promises or giving false hopes in order to get something because for someone your hopes are all they have.
  • You are emotionally very strong than anybody else know.
  • Stop being fake and just Be You because life is too short for acting
  • Excercise. Not to be called ‘hot and sexy’ and to have thousands of followers in Facebook and Instagram but for the fact that Health is important.
  • Pray regularly because the peace of mind that you get after pouring out everything that is in your heart in the faith that there is someone to listen to all our rants is Beautiful.
  • If the world is judging you, let it. The one who is judging you is not perfect anyway.

     Yes I followed all the above points and trust me when I say that 2017 was the best year of my life. All I saw was success. Enjoy every moment of your life. Stop complaining.

      Its your Life. You have to live it. Everybody can say that they understand what you feel, but only you know what you have been through. So until you decide that your problems are small and to be happy, you are definitely going to be happy.

This article went way too longer than I thought. To conclude I would say Live your life to the fullest. Have no regrets. Take up every opportunity that you get. Believe in yourself even when nobody else does. Surround yourself with people who spread positivity and who motivate you to become a better person. Love everyone. Spread Love. 

     Leave all your sorrows behind and get set to welcome 2018. If 2017 was a good year for you, I am happy that you made it. If 2017 did not go well for you, I am happy for you too because I know you are going to rock 2018.

2k18 I welcome you with all love❤❤❤

How was 2017 for you and what are your plans for 2018…let me know through your comments. Happy new year in advance🎉🎊🎈❤

Top station,Munnar – Feeling of being on top of the world

Hey all!

     Hope you are all doing good. Yeah it had been a very long time since I wrote. I had to face lot of unexpected situations and health issues due to weather change which kept me away from writing. However, I am doing perfectly fine now.

     So here I come to share my amazing experience that I had at Top Station few weeks ago. Kerala had always been on top of my wish list for its Beauty, Food and friendly People. Especially Munnar. Munnar is known for its scenic beauty that has wonderful tea plantations. Few of my friends who had been brought up in North Eastern states of India where there are tea plantations also said that Munnar is something else when it comes to the beauty and the taste of tea(Yes I am a tea addict😁) . So I decided that this is going to be my next destination. 

     Munnar welcomed me and my friends with beautiful weather. As soon as we got down the bus, those words said by everyone about this place felt true. We could see hills surrounded by us which were covered by fog and clouds. 

Munnar Tea Plantations

     We had booked a room in 3rd floor of an hotel which had Balcony. Entire Munnar city could be seen by the Balcony and the view was just breath takingly Beautiful. By the time we got freshened up and came out of our rooms to have lunch, it had started drizzling. We had mouth watering authentic Kerala food i.e Appam, Fish Curry, Fish fry and we were all set to roam around the city.

View from Balcony

First we went to the most known place for tastiest tea which is Kannan Devan Hills and had tea that was made from fresh tea leaves. The auroma of it itself is just enough to get addicted to it. Next we visited Tea Museum where they show how the tea powder is made. On the way we visited rose garden, Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point which are all the must visit places in Munnar. Since the town is small, all these places can be covered in half a day. Boat riding and elephant safari is available in few of the places. 

Kannan Devan Hills

     Beware to carry warm clothes because nights in Munnar are freezing cold. You just cannot step on the floor without wearing socks. All you feel like doing is just curl upon the bed and enjoy the sound of rain and the view from Balcony with yummy food(Yes I am a foodie too😋).

     Next day our destination was Top Station which is 30 kms from Munnar town. There will be cabs arranged by hotel itself which can take you to Top Station. We left the hotel at 7.30 AM and by the time we reached Top Station it was 9.30 AM which was just the opening time of the ticket counter for the entrance. 

Top station

      On the way towards Top Station, I bet that you won’t stop Awwwing at Nature. We were the first customers to buy entry tickets for the day. From the entrance, we followed the trail which lead towards several view points. I have no words to describe the feeling that I felt. I had never experienced that Calmness, that Peace surrounded by the hills before. All we did was sit and listen to nature with soothing music.

Into the wilderness

We also found that there is trekking and camping in Top Station. Had we known earlier about it, had we not booked the return tickets for the same day, definitely wouldn’t have missed it. I usually say at end of my blog that there are lot more places to visit there. And yes I am going to tell you the same today as well. There are lot of places in Munnar which makes me want to go back again. Once again mesmerized by the work of Creator.


Place : Munnar

Places to visit : Kannan Devan Hills,Tea Museum,Top station,Rose Garden,Mattupetty Dam,Echo Point,Shooting point

Best time to visit : Throughout the year

Cost of entire trip per person : ₹3000

Safety : Safe (Safe for only girls trip too)

I hope you all enjoyed this journey of Munnar with me. Let me know your opinion in comments below. Make good memories you all until I say Hi the next time….

Wayanad – Gateway to Heaven

Hello everyone!!

Most of the people who travels bring some or the other thing in the remembrance of the place they visit. What matters the most is bringing back those heart warming memories. 

Recently I visited Wayanad in Kerala and I have brought some very good memories from there. I hope this will help you to plan your next trip.

Let me first tell you how did it all start. Me and my four other friends were looking for a weekend getaway and one my friend took the initiative of choosing the place. Since Wayanad is in every south Indian’s bucket list ,my friend suggested Wayanad. And we were more than happy for the suggestion.

We were all set to leave Bangalore on a Saturday morning. We left Bangalore by car at 3.30 AM. The route we chose was Bangalore – Mysore – Gundlupete – Bandipur – Wayanad. One can enjoy the wilderness in Bandipur as it is completely forest area. We reached our homestay in Waynad at 9.30 AM.

 Bandipur – on the way to Wayanad

We fell in love with our homestay ‘Western Ghat Holiday Homes’ which was midst the nature. It had balconies with amazing view of Banasura Hill. And the owner was friendly and helpful in suggesting the places to visit.

 Entrance of homestay

Balcony view

Mandatory crazy pose of the trip

We all got freshened up and headed towards Banasura Sagar Dam. The weather complimented the drive. It was drizzling when we reached the Dam view point. Its a pretty good place covered in all green at one side and the river on the other. One can get a closer view of Banasura Hills from the river side. And if you are a pickle lover, you should definitely try it on the entrance of the Dam.

Banasura river view

Banasura Dam view

Banasura Hill view in rain

Next we headed towards our home as we wanted to rest a bit. Wayanad tea, hot yummy pakodas and rain; what else is needed for a memorable evening.

 Tea and snacks in rain

In the night we all got dressed up and headed towards ‘The Bungalow – Best Western Plus Ekobarn’ as the dinner party was on my friend as it was her birthday. Its a decent place and the food was yummilicious. It was a perfect first day at Wayanad.

Wood fire feel at ‘The Bungalow – Best Western Plus Ekobarn’

Yummy food at ‘The Bungalow – Best Western Plus Ekobarn’

Second day we all woke up early and got ready as we had planned to trek the highest point of Wayanad which is Chembra Peak that has heart shaped lake in the peak. We reached the ticket counter of Chembra at 8.30 and the tickets were sold out by then. We were told that they start issuing the tickets at 7.00 and only 200 people are allowed to trek per day. Hence we didn’t get the tickets for trekking but sight seeing. I have to admit that this was the biggest disappointment ever. If you are planning to Chembra Peak, please do be there by 7.00 AM. We still got to see some beautiful views from the sight seeing we went.

Sight seeing at Chembra

Wayanad tea plantation

Our next destination was Edakkal Caves. We have to trek 1.5 kilometers 1 side to reach the caves. It was concrete floor which was indeed very steep. Initially we were all in hurry but then realized we have to be slow. After 30 minutes of walking, we reached the ticket counter. From there we could see the stairs heading towards the caves. There are good number of stairs which will take you through the smaller caves. By the time we reached the main cave, we were completely drenched in sweat and were all very tired. The view from the top is good. And the cool temperature inside the cave felt relaxing for the tiredness. Inside the caves are the pictorial writings which is believed to date atleast 6000 BC. The stone age carvings of Edakkal are considered to be rare. You can choose this place only if you are a person who is interested in history. If you are not into history, then you would feel like it is not worth trekking 1.5 kilometers.

Steps leading towards caves

Stone age carvings at Edakkal Caves

View from the top of Edakkal Caves

Next we contacted ‘Muddy Boots’ as recommended by the owner of our homestay. Muddy Boots conducts several activities like cycling, zipline, bamboo rafting etc. It has the Waynad’s longest zipline. As we were already tired by the trek, we felt it would be good to be around water. Hence we chose Bamboo rafting. Bamboo raft is made by tieing several Bamboos together on which the bed is put where people can sit. It was a peaceful 1 hour.

Bamboo rafting

There are lot of other places in Wayanad for which I will definitely go back. The nature,people, food,weather everything makes me miss Wayanad so much. 

I hope this blog was helpful. Do let me know your opinion through comments. Happy weekend!!

Pondicherry – A Tiny French of Hindustan

Hello folks!

Hope you all had a great week. Today I am going to tell you all about a Tiny French that is in India. Wondering what am I talking about? Yes, you read that right. If you ever want to experience French in India, backpack right now and head towards Pondicherry.

Pondicherry which is also called as puducherry is one of the union territory of India. It is affectionately called ‘Pondy’. When the British gained control of whole India in the late 1850s, they allowed the French to retain their settlement in the country. And that is when puducherry was formed. 

If you are planning for a weekend getaway with your friends to experience something amazing in a foreign manner, this is where you should go. 

Those buildings!!!

Reaching Pondicherry early morning ,me and my friend called the owner of the homestay. The owner asked us to take an auto to French colony. We had no idea how to communicate with auto drivers as most of them were speaking in Tamil. So we thought why not use Google translator. By using Google translator I phrased a sentence in Tamil and walked up to an auto-driver. We were taken by surprise by how the driver responded in English by seeing us struggle to speak in Tamil. By this we got to know that communication wouldn’t be a problem.

We had booked our stay in ‘French colony’. As soon as we got down of auto,we were amazed to see the colorful buildings and the clean streets that were lined up by trees. The roar of the waves of ‘rock beach’ which was just 100 meters away added to the beauty of French colony.

We got freshened up and were all set to try some good French food. So we walked to ‘Cafe Des Arts’ as recommended by our host. It was a perfect start for the day ahead. The ambiance, the food, the service everything was excellent.

At Cafe Does Arts

Our next plan was to photoshoot in French colony. So we wandered around the streets of French colony adoring everything around us. We found lot of French people who spoke friendly and shared their experience of Pondicherry. Few of them were the residents whereas few were the travellers.

A candid photograph from French colony

We found lot of french cafes and were totally confused in selecting the good one because every Cafe looked up to the mark when it comes to ambiance. I have to tell you that Pondy has the best French and Italian food. 

When confused which restaurant to get into

Since it was Sunday, we also got a chance of shopping in the Sunday flea market. I could find all the trendy clothes there at cheapest price possible. You have to believe me when I say that I bought 5 awesome dresses at a cost of thousand bucks.

See you all next week. Until then keep travelling, make memories.

My reasons for visiting Udupi

Whenever we plan for a holiday, its normal that we search for the places of our kind in internet or get suggestions from our friends. It was one such holiday that I was planning it to be adventurous and also peaceful. So I chose Udupi. Are you wondering what is it that made me choose Udupi. Here are my reasons

1.Parasailing – Fly high to touch the sky

 As I already mentioned above that I wanted my holiday to be adventurous, I thought Parasailing is a good choice. Now that you already know Udupi has parasailing, you need to know in which beach exactly is the Parasailing done. Malpe beach which is 6kms from Udupi is one of the famous tourist attraction and that is where you get the treat of parasailing. It is handled by expert professionals at a very low cost of ₹800. This depends highly on weather conditions. I have to tell you that parasailing is one of the best feeling ever, looking at the calm sea underneath you and flying high to touch the Sky.

Best time to visit : October to March

Cost for parasailing per person : 800

Difficulty level : Moderate

Safety : Safe

Timings : Mon-Sun 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Duration : 5 -10 minutes

One of my favorite clicks of parasailing from Udupi

Sunset at Malpe Beach

2. St.Mary Island – A Paradise

Me who had never visited any island before, was pretty excited to visit St.Mary Island. It takes 20 minutes of boat ride from Malpe Beach to reach the island. Entire island can be covered by walking in 20 minutes. The boat from Malpe Beach to island comes for every 1 hour. So everyone can spend good time of 1 hour in the island and boat will take us back to Malpe beach. The island is filled with coconut trees and different types of seashells. This is one of the best place for photography. And camping is strictly prohibited.

Best time to visit : October to March

Cost per person to reach via boat : 300

Safety : Safe

Timings : Monday to Sunday 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

That peace in St.Mary Island

Beautiful rock formation at St.Mary Island

3. Kapu Light House – Where the sea speaks

 Kapu light house is located in the town Kaup, which is on the way to Mangalore from Udupi. Kapu beach is one of the cleanest beach and is less crowded. Kaup lighthouse adds to the beauty of the beach. People are allowed to go to the top of lighthouse at a cost of ₹10 per person. The view of the beach from lighthouse is breathtaking. Entire Kaup town, St.Mary Island and Malpe Beach is visible from lighthouse. One can also enjoy the view of beautiful sunset.

Best time to visit : Throughout the year

Cost per person : 10

Safety : Safe

Timings : Monday to Sunday 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

The inside of Kapu lighthouse

Kapu lighthouse during sunset

View from the top of lighthouse

Cost of total trip per person : 2500

Do let me know your opinion about the blog through the comments. Have a great week.

Gokarna-Land of Peace

Have you ever been in a situation where you badly need a weekend getaway but you are running low on money. That is when one of my other friend who had already been to Gokarna suggested this place mentioning that it has cleanest beaches. And this is also an alternative to Goa. Goa is a party place whereas this is peaceful.

So me and my friend backpacked and left to Gokarna on a Friday night from Bangalore. We reached Gokarna on Saturday early in the morning. We had booked a cottage by name ‘Paradise Cottage’. It was a fantastic stay in the hut and the staff were friendly and helpful. 

First day: Finishing breakfast at cottage we got ready for sight seeing.With 10 minutes of walk from the cottage,we reached ‘Kudle Beach’. It is one of the cleanest and peaceful beach with very less people. You will fall in love with this beach at a very first sight. There are few cafes on the beach which serve very good sea food with alcohol. 

Our next destination was ‘Om Beach’ which we had to reach either by beach trekking or by boat from Kudle.We chose for beach trekking.It takes 15 to 20 minutes of beach trekking. We were able to follow the trails and reach easily. Trust me it was worth walking.You will get to see the scenic beauty of Gokarna.Banana boat ride,speed boating is available. Few cafes ,temporary tattoos and boat rides completed the good day.

Second day: Checking out from the cottage,with our backpacks we went to say good bye to ‘Kudle Beach’. Took a boat in which we covered Om beach, half moon beach, Paradise beach, light house for 350 per person. Staying at half moon beach and Paradise are not allowed for obvious reasons. At last by evening went to the main town of Gokarna to do shopping and enjoyed sunset at Gokarna beach.

Place: Gokarna.       

Best time to visit: October to April

Places to visit: Kudle, Om, half-moon, Paradise (beaches),Gokarna main beach

Cost of entire trip: 3000

Safety : good (good for only girls trip too)